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Sauk Prairie Airport

Bill and Lyndal visited Richard Steeves in Madison Wisconsin on a trip to the USA in August 2008.
We went for a fly in his Coot which is hangared at Sauk Prairie Airport Wisconsin.

Sauk Prarie Airport runway
91C Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin
43 degrees 17' 48.96" North
Longitude: 89 degrees 45' 21.44" West
Elevation: 832', Runway: 18/36, Runway Length: 2940', Runway Width: 60'

Before the circuit began
Preflight briefing

Lining up
Taxi call

Rolling 18
Lining up 18

Climb out
Climb out

Finding Wisconcin River
finding the Wisconsin River

Level  out at  1000
Level out at 1000" agl

Top of decent
Top of descent

River bank
River bank

River level
In ground effect?

Open country
Turn for home

Turn for home
Villages along the way

Pastures and roads

Sauk Prairie airport
Downwind Sauk Prairie airport

Base 18
Base 18

Final 18
Short final 18

Back in the hangar Bill and Richard

red line
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