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Coot station 7
Station 7 rear view showing gusset locations
Coot station 14
Station 14
Coot station 22
Station 22 front view

Coot station 40
Station 40 front view. Frame top is the rear fuselage nose and nose wheel housing

Coot station 60
Station 63 rear view still to have lighten holes in web

Coot station 80
Station 80 front view needs lighten holes. frame side slope back at 20' to form seat back

Coot station 96
Station 96 is the heart of the COOT to which the wings and engine mount attach

Workshop of COOT-A amphibian
Strong back set up to carry frames #96 is missing in this picture The space between #80 and 96 has been stretched by 6 inches to allow more baggage space.

Strong back Nov 09
Station 96 rear view showing how the step rises 3 inches

Strong back nov  092
View back along the strong back

strong back 093
Side view of the frames back to #96 plus 6



Coot wing spars Coot wing Coot wing
Coot wing wing spar wing spar
wing spars Coot wing COOT wing spar with diagonal ribs
  Coot wing


COOT HULL Coot hull Coot hull




Tail tube from New Zealand unfinished project
cOOT ENGINE Coot Instrument Panel

red line
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