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The idea of building an aeroplane arose mid way through 2003 after I completed the timber boat I had been building for seven years. Having gained my Private Pilot's Licence in November 2001, I guess it was not surprising that my next building project might be a plane. But it had to be timber and built from scratch, not a kit.

I researched my options and decided on a Jodel.

This web site is a chronicle of my progress. Set out below are the details of the aircraft which was completed in September 2006


This Jodel D150 is a Home - Built Aircraft, built from plans supplied by Frank Rogers - #36A

The key requirement of CASA is that “a significant portion will be built for education and recreational purposes by an individual”.

The original D150 was designed by Jean Delemontez (his 15th design) in response to the Director General of Civil Aviation (France) request for a versatile long-range two seater. Known as the D150 “Mascaret” (meaning tidal wave) the prototype first flew in 1963.

Frank Rogers an Australian redrew the plans into English renamed the D150 the “Sky Prince”.

A Subaru engine powers VH-BNL.

In recent years the flat four-cylinder engine fitted to smaller Subaru cars the EA 81 has become very popular with ultralite aircraft builders. As a step up from this pushrod 1800cc engine the 2.2 litre SOHC EJ 22 was chosen for VH-BNL. This engine was fitted to the Subaru Liberty from about 1989 till 1995. In BNL twin down draft 36mm IDF Weber carburetors have replaced the original fuel injection and a LINK engine management system fitted. Power output is estimated to be 130HP at a redline of 4800 RPM.

Wing Span
26' 9"
Length overall 20’-8”
Wing Area 141 sq ft
Empty Weight
1067lb (485Kg)
Max TO weight 1590lb (723Kg)
Useful Load
524lb (238Kg)
Fuel capacity
125 litres
Power loading
12.2 lb/hp
Wing loading
11.2 lb/sq ft
Max baggage
132 lb (60Kg)
Max baggage with full fuel 33lb (15Kg)
Max speed
120 knots
Cruise speed
112 knots
Stall speed flaps down
42 knots
Max maneuvering speed
94 knots
Max permitted speed VNE
148 knots
870 n. miles
Endurance (Max)
6 hours incl reserve
Initial climb
800 fpm
Service ceiling
Take off to 50’
Landing from 50’
Design load factor 26’-11” +3.8, -1.52

Weight and Balance

Weight using SAAA scales Jan 2006
Empty Weight
Main fuel
75 litres
2 pilots
No cargo
Main fuel
75 litres
1 pilot
No cargo
Full fuel
125 litres
2 pilots
Empty Weight
485 Kg
485 Kg
485 Kg
485 Kg
Main Fuel 75 litres
54 Kg
54 Kg
54 Kg
2 Wing tanks
25 litres each
35 Kg
Pilot 1  
80 Kg
80 Kg
80 Kg
Pilot 2
80 Kg
55 Kg
Cargo shelf load limit 60 Kg
(15Kg with full fuel)
14 Kg
Total weight 485 Kg
699 Kg
619 Kg
723 Kg
C of G position
Moment arm in mm
C of G permitted range 310mm to 550mm to the rear of the wing leading edge (mid point of range 430mm). Datum is the inboard wing leading edge.

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