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Osprey 2014

The build plate supplied by SAAA was professionally engraved and CASA issued the registration mark VH-WID.
The engine will be a Lycoming O-320 with pusher prop.

build plate

My first job was to wash and organise the parts.

The next big job was to foam the underside of the fuselage using expanding polyurethane foam.
The spray rails were formed as the bottom was being fibre glassed over the shaped foam.

Bottom before foaming Bottom after foaming bottom after foaming

Then the nose section was formed using expanding foam shaped over the nose leg

Nose foamed Nose foamed Nose foamed Bottom shaped with foam

This left the canopy to be formed and then foamed and fibre glassed before the windows are cut out.

canopy canopy canopy

The wings were assembled while attached to the fuselage so that the correct settings could be achieved. Control cables and posh rods were fitted to the ailerons, rudder, elevator and nose wheel steering.

wings assembled

The instruments were fitted to the instrument panel.
Instruments include Dynon D10 ESFIS with remote compass, an Altimeter, Air Speed Indicator, Micro Air Radio and Transponder

instrument panel

red line
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