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Bill's Osprey Project

Osprey Project | 2014

Bill inherited this partly-constructed project. The original builder built the parts as if he was creating a kit. Then he put together the fuselage and  tail, the wing spars and ribs, the ailerons, elevator and horizontal stabiliser. All the metal parts were welded, painted and labelled. The workmanship was high class. He used resorcinol glue which requires a very close fit between parts being glued.

This is how it looked when it arrived in my workshop.


Osprey Osprey Osprey engine mount
wing ribs wing spars wing spars

Wing Span

26 feet ( 7.92m)

Wings removed


Length overall

20ft 6in / 6.25m

Wing Area

130  sq ft

Empty Weight

970lb (440Kg)

Max TO weight

1560lb (707Kg)

Useful Load

587lb (267Kg)

Fuel capacity

95 litres Plus 65 litres

Power Lycoming

O-320 160HP

Power loading

9.7 lb/hp

Wing loading

12 lb/sq ft

Max baggage

Limited space

Max speed

130 knots

Cruise speed

113 knots

Stall speed

42 knots

Max manoeuvring speed

94 knots

Max permitted speed VNE

130 knots


360 n. miles

Endurance (Max)

5 hours incl. reserve

Initial climb

1,200 fpm

Service ceiling


Take off to 50’

1200' (400 metres)

Water take off

10-12 secs.

Landing from 50’


Design load factor


red line
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